Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP)

If you struggle much with snoring or sleep apnea, it will be you have taken few chances trying various snoring solutions in an attempt to acquire a comfortable and peaceful sleep nights but all in vain. EPAP is the technology that you would love to try out. EPAP is known to be a pressure developed during exhalation stabilizing the upper airway thus reducing snoring. Snoring is caused by air running across the soft pharynx tissues. When it happens, small vibrations takes place causing snoring. EPAP Device creates a mild positive pressure within your throat thus keeping the airway open and free from any obstruction.

EPAP is not a CPAP system. EPAP starts for Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure. EPAP does not apply constant an outward pressure to maintain the airway open, but it does apply an outward pressure to keep the airway open as you exhale. EPAP does not breathe for you.

Some of the benefits of EPAP.

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EPAP Device

There are some primary differences when considering the device you need since the EPAP does not breathe for you. One thing is mask free. Two small disposable pieces are used to attach the device right to your nostrils, meaning that you can move freely in bed beside the nose pieces being attached to the unit. EPAP has eliminated the issue that CPAP system always have; that is the mask thus using EPAP Device is much comfortable compared to wearing the mask, two little pieces right in your nostrils which are barely noticeable.

As we said earlier, the system only keeps your airway open thus does not breathe for you. The fact behind this is that the EPAP system only applies an outward pressure when you tend to breathe out. The makers of EPAP Machine found that when you exhale, the airway pressure is at its lowest. Therefore, when pressure is added to this round, the treatment will feel more natural rather than being controlled by the machine.

What is it like?

Using EPAP feels very different from suing the CPAP. Unlike CPAP where you are hooked up to the unit and the machine left to do the breathing for you when using EPAP, you do not feel much. The only thing you may notice is the pieces in your nostrils but don’t mind them. The only thing you may feel from when using this system is your lungs expanding when you breathe out. While using the system, it is recommended you breathe mostly via your mouth.

How does EPAP Machine help to treat sleep apnea

The EPAP gives the patient chance to harness the power of breathing on his own. There is two little pieces that are worn across your nostrils creating minor resistance when you are blowing out, which builds a light pressure inside the airway and helps to keep the airway open. EPAP does not force the air right into your throat thus no stomach pains and discomfort

Pros of EPAP

EPAP Device has improved exhalation comfort.
It also has reduced average pressure thus yielding relief from aerophagia.


Reduced average pressure allows some relaxation of airway leading to increased breathing disturbances making it hard to sleep.

If you want your peaceful sleeping nights back, EPAP Machine is the perfect snoring solution, talk to your doctor and decide which next step to take.